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Contemporary Wood Sculptures

Add the warmth and beauty of wood sculpture to create a focal point in your interior decor.  Purchase a woodcarving on this page, or commission a woodcarving to fit your needs.

The sculptures in wood shown here are all individually hand-carved.   Some were roughed out with a chain saw.   Some had parts turned on a lathe.   Others are combined with stone or metal.   All were carved by hand with a mallet and chisel.

Woodcarvings for sale.

For larger photos, or to see different angle views of any of these wood sculptures,  email Mark at
Totem 1, wood turned sculpture Totem 2, wood turned totem Totem 3, wood turned sculpture totem Totem 4, sculpture wood turned
Totem 1   ©

Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry



Totem 2   ©

Walnut, cherry, Mahogany, Maple



Totem 3   ©

Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, Maple


Totem 4   ©

Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut



Spiral Form, wood sculpture for sale Arch, Walnut wood sculpture Bluebird Totem, wood and stone mixed media sculpture
Spiral Form  ©

Spalted Maple, Marble

Arch  ©




Bluebird Totem ©

Butternut, Marble, Bronze



While walking along the beach at Cape Hatteras and collecting shells, I was inspired by the spiral shapes of the broken whelk shells.

A spalted maple log seemed the perfect material to carve this graceful spiral form.

I started with a walnut log. Unfortunately, it had a check down the middle of it.  Now what?  I began direct carving with the chainsaw and opening the crack even more.  An arch shape, like a torso, began to appear.

This is the first in a series of the Blue Bird story.   Where did the ephemeral bird come from, what is it's final destination?

Woman 2, wood sculpture with bronze Wrap 2, Wood and rope abstract sculpture Totem, wood turned sculpture
Woman No. 3  ©

Walnut, Bronze



Wrap No. 2  ©

Mahogany, Rope

41"x7"x5 1/2"


Totem   ©

Cherry, Walnut, Spalted Maple, Mahogany, Gold Leaf



Walnut wood has a beautiful warm color. This sculpture was carved from a single piece of wood. A strip of bronze was inserted into the wood.

The sculpture can be seen as a single figure, or as two figures facing each other.

The second in a series of a wrapped figure.

Again the dichotomy, is it one figure or two?

Many different elements come together to make up a single figure.

Here each part has been turned on a lathe.  The rosewood at the top is hand carved and gold leaf applied.

Trefoil Knot Variation, abstract wood carved sculpture Floating Figure, wood sculpture with granite Sea Dancer, abstract wood carving
Trefoil Knot Variation ©

Walnut, Gold leaf

21"x16"x5 1/2"


Floating Figure ©

Cherry, Granite

20 1/2"x16"x10"


Sea Dancer ©

Butternut, Walnut

33"x29"x8 1/2"


Carved from walnut wood, this is a variation on the trefoil knot design.  Gold leaf was applied to focus the energy at the center.

Like in a dream, a torso form floats above a stone mountain.

Birds and fish dance above the waves.

  Wall Sculpture, wood carved wall hanging  
   Wall Sculpture  ©

Wood, Aluminum, Forton Casting




This wall sculpture is part of a series that is a combination of an Art Nouveau style figure with a contemporary wood design.


How to Purchase a Sculpture

For larger photos, and different angle views of a sculpture, email Mark at

How to Commission a Sculpture

To inquire about commissioning a work of art, contact Mark at 480-575-6670 or

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