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Add the warmth and beauty of wood sculpture to create a focal point in your interior decor. Purchase a woodcarving on this page, or commission a woodcarving to fit your needs.

The wood sculptures shown here are all individually hand-carved. Some were roughed out with a chain saw. Some had parts turned on a lathe. Others are wood combined with stone or metal.   All were carved by hand with a mallet and chisel.

Woodcarvings for sale.

For larger photos, or to see different angle views of any of these wood sculptures, email Mark.

Spiral Form

Spiral Form  ©

Spaulted Maple, Marble




Arch, Wood carving

Arch  ©




Woman, wood sculpture

Woman  ©

Walnut, Bronze




Totem 1, wood sculpture

Totem 1  ©

Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry




Totem 2, wood sculpture

Totem 2  ©

Walnut, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry




Blue Bird Totem, wood sculpture

Bluebird Totem  ©

Butternut, Walnut, Marble, Bronze



Wrap No. 2, wood carvingThumbnail Image 1

Wrap No. 2  ©

Mahogany, Rope

41"x7"x5 1/2"


Sea Dancer, wood sculpture

Sea Dancer  ©

Butternut, Walnut

33"x29"x8 1/2"


Trefoil Variation

Trefoil Variation  ©

Walnut, Gold Leaf

21"x16"x5 1/2"


Floating  Figure, wood sculpture

Floating Figure  ©

Cherry, Granite



Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture  ©

Wood, Metal, Forton MG



Mahogany Figure

Mahogany Figure  ©




Union  ©

Cherry, Onyx



Figure  ©

Cherry, Walnut,Mahogany, Maple, Oak

25 1/2"x8"x3 1/2"


Composition with Blue

Composition With Blue  ©

Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Brass

19"x21"x4 1/2"


Blue Circle  ©

Wood, Acrylic paint

36 1/2"x36"x6"


Tori sculpture

Tori  ©

Cherry, Rosewood, Alabaster

29"x14 1/5"x4 1/2"


Three Forms, Walnut

Three Forms  ©

Walnut, Cherry

23"x9"x3 1/2"


More Wood Sculptures, A Retrospective

See more wood sculptures that Mark has created in the past.

St Andrew

Follow the step-by-step carving of a life-size figure in wood, from gluing up the block, to carving with mallet and chisels, and then applying the finish.
Click carving a figure.


See details of a 5'x12' wall mural carved out of eight different types of wood. The mural depicts scenes of the Eastern Pennsylvania countryside, from wild life scenes on the left side. to Amish and farming scenes on the right.

Click wood carved wall mural.

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