Cave Creek Monuments

The Town Council has awarded Mark the commission to create two monuments for the town, one at each entrance to the town of Cave Creek.

The monuments depict a horse sculpted out of stainless steel that stands on a rusty steel and stone base.  The stainless steel horse stands 9 feet in height and is mounted on a 4 foot tall base.

The monuments are located on Cave Creek Road at either entrance to the town. One is located on Cave Creek Road a half mile south of Carefree Highway (just south of Walmart). The other one is at the north entrance coming into town from Carefree near Scopa Trail Road (by Stagecoach Village).

The dedication for the monuments was on June 10, 2014.  The ceremony was at the south monument.  Town officials and members of the Town Council were in attendance.

The Sculpting

Here are photographs of the creation of the horses...

An actual-size drawing (9 feet high) was created to work out the design.

The drawing was helpful in determining the correct shape of the armature.

The two horses will be identical.  I made carts so I could move them around.

The armatures are made of stainless steel square tube and mounted on a steel plate.

The two armatures are completed.  The head will be added as a separate piece.

The two armatures are completed.  The head will be added as a separate piece.

I didn't like my first attempt at putting the ribbon shapes on the body.  I took them all off and cut new parts.  Everything is trial and error.

I start fabricating the base at the same time to insure all parts would fit.

Parchment paper was used to trace the shapes from the drawing and place them on the armature to see if they fit correctly.

The paper shapes were then transferred to Masonite. I used the Masonite templates to cut out the stainless steel shapes with a plasma cutter. The shapes were then bent to fit, and welded on to the armature.

The armature for the head is welded on.

Close up of tail.

Progress is moving along on the horses.  There are still a few more parts to weld on.

Close up view of the body so far.

Close up view of the head.  At this point, I still want to keep the heads removable, so the neck and chest area are not yet complete.

Here is the detail view of the hind leg area.

Close up of upper body.

Trial fit on base.

The completed sculptures and bases.


The Installation

North Foundation

The Town of Cave Creek Utilities department poured the concrete foundations.

South foundation

Anchor bolts were placed in the concrete.

Installing the south base.

The south base installed.

The north base installed.

Lifting the horse to place it on the trailer.

The horses are strapped down and ready to roll.

The Big Day -      South Monument

North Monument

Ready for the Dedication

The Dedication

The Monuments Installed

North Monument

South Monument

Relocating the South Monument

The new location of the South Monument. The Boy Scouts added some landscapeing as a project for their Eagle Merit Badge.

The Town donated new Plaques for the Monuments.

If you would like Mark to sculpt a similar stainless steel horse, contact him to discuss the project.  The price for the sculpture is $25,000.  To commission a sculpture.

Comments on the Monuments

Congratulations on the sculptures for Cave Creek. They are wonderful!

Judith V.

Wow, this is so cool!! Wish I could be there! I hope you guys are planning on having a big party afterwards----you deserve it!!

Betsy S.

The Monuments are both Elegant and Beautiful...Cave Creek is lucky to have your Creative Talents...

Gloria D.

Love the pieces. They made a great choice selecting you to do the work....

Walter M.

They look gorgeous.

Jim C.

Congratulations Mark, your horse sculptures are beautiful. Cave Creek is lucky to have you as a resident!

Lyle R.

These are the coolest pieces I've seen in a long time. The Cave Creek folks must be ecstatic!

Bill H.

Congratulations on a project well done.  Your horses are gorgeous and perfect - a real asset to the town of Cave Creek.

Carolyn S.

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