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Metal Sculpture

 Contemporary steel or stainless steel sculptures create a impressive focal point in your landscape setting.

 Purchase a metal sculpture shown here, or commission a sculpture and collaborate with the artist to create your own unique work of art.

 Bronze sculpture can be commissioned upon request. Mark will design and sculpt the clay model, then deliver it to a foundry for casting in bronze.

Metal sculptures for sale.

 For larger photos, and different angle views of any of these metal sculptures, email Mark at

Aspire, stainless steel sculpture

Aspire   ©

Stainless Steel, Cast Glass




Available on Commission


Standing Mobile   ©

Stainless Steel



Available on Commission,

(size variable)

Thumbnail Image 1

Peace Crane   ©

Stainless Steel, Powder Coat



Available on Commission

Angela 3, cast iron sculpture

Angela No. 3   ©

Cast Iron, Oak



Lancaster 5, steel sculpture

Lancaster No. 5   ©


67 1/2"x30"x12"


Peace Crane Mandala

Peace Crane Mandala   ©

Stainless Steel, Onyx, Dichroic Glass



Horse sculpture, steel

Glance   ©




Available at Renee Taylor Gallery, Sedona AZ

For more Horses

Horse, steel sculpture

Steel Horse   ©




Availabe on Commission

For more Horses

Grazing, steel wire sculpture

Grazing, Steel Drawing   ©

Steel, Stone



For more Horses

More Metal Sculptures, A Retrospective

See more metal sculptures that Mark has made in the past.

How to Purchase a Sculpture

Contact Mark and make arrangements for the purchase and delivery of your sculpture.

Phone: 480-575-6670


How to Commission a Sculpture

Collaborate with the artist to create your own unique sculpture to fit your needs. Discuss your ideas with Mark and he will develop drawings to help visualize your concept.

Phone: 480-575-6670


Cave Creek Monuments

How the build a stainless steel sculpture

   Follow the step-by-step progress in fabricating the stainless steel sculpture, Spirit of the Horse.

   I was commissioned by the Town of Cave Creek AZ to create two monuments to be placed at the north and south entrances to the town. Follow the progress from the concept drawing, througth fabrication, to the final installation.